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Three deaths, apparently unconnected, in Spain, Mexico and Venezuela captures the attention of Eva Pratt, a Mexican journalist based in Madrid. Although at first there are no clear signs of a pattern, Eva begins to discover small connections that point towards a network much larger and more dangerous related to illegal gold trafficking.An underworld full of trafficking operations, money laundering and complicity between governments that Eva tries to bring to light throughof extensive research work, which puts his life andthat of everyone who has a relationship with her.


Francisco and Teresa live a peaceful life with their three children in Puerto Vallarta. Their son Daniel just graduated. The whole family comes to the graduation party showing themselves as a family united and happy. There is only one detail that breaks that harmony, although it goes unnoticed by everyone.
They are the only parents who refuse to appear in the official school photo. He has a compelling reason; in reality, they are two terrorists from the E.T.A.


Fabulous, Brilliant, Spectacular!! This is how Ada and Alana, two Latin girls who enjoy their youth in a big North American city, intend to live their lives.After the divorce of their parents, these restless and rebellious sisters left their native country a long time ago to move with their mother (Martha) and thus live the famous “American dream”, but more than living it, they are enjoying it, wasting luxuries, wearing the best brands and being present at large events and parties.They see themselves as a mix of “Kardashians” and Taylor Swift of Latin origin (although from “Latin America” they only want the origin and nothing more)...


The dysfunctional Barragán family will haveto face a dangerous criminal family once they manage to buy the house of their dreams.