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Cici and Cori, the two Latina girls who enjoy their adolescence in the entertaining life of a big North American city. After the divorce of their parents, these restless sisters left their native country along time ago to move in with their mother (Martha) and thus live the famous "American dream", but more than living it they are enjoying it, splurging on luxuries, wearing the best brands and being present at large events and youth parties. They see themselves as a mix of"Kardashians" and Taylor Swift of Latin origin (although from "Latin America" ​​they only want the origin and nothing else).


It is the first series dedicated to the heroes of baseball in which great Dominican figures of this sport tell, first-hand, the steps that took them from their humble origins to La Gloria.

Each 45′ episode of Sueños y Gloria tells an independent story, which creates its framework with the rest of the episodes, creating a rich and unique universe. Allowing diverse points of view to coexist gives us a complete and dynamic perspective of a passion that identifies an entire country.


The dysfunctional Barragán family will haveto face a dangerous criminal family once they manage to buy the house of their dreams.


Anthony has always wanted to be a famous singer and form the first Latin “K-Pop” group but to achieve that, he must follow the “rules” of this genre and form a band with 7 boys. Anthony has been lucky to recruit 5 of them, but he needs one more singer. Lucy is a friend ofAnthony who has always been in love with him but has not been able to win his heart. With the help of her friends, Lucy will become a handsome boy and will be Anthony's group number 7. Lucy believes she can get closer to Anthony and make him fall in love, what Lucy does not know is that this move will make her become Anthony's greatest rival.


A prosecutor faces the most powerful man of his time until he reaches the last act of a tragedy. The accusations cause the downfall of 4 presidents.