Hasta que te Conocí
Episodes: 14
Duration: 60'
Format: HD 1920x1080
Sound: 5.1 / Stereo
Recorded in: Mexico
Written by: Abe Panes, Edgar Cuevas, Mary Black, Camilo Hernandez, Sergio Jablon

Casting: Juan Gabriel: Julián Román, Victoria: Dolores Heredia, Magallanes: Marco Treviño, General Andres Puentes: Julio Bracho, Rosenda: Gala Montes.

Produced by JuanGabriel in collaboration with SOMOS Productions and Disney Media Distribution.

“Hasta que te Conocí" will trace the life ofAlberto Aguilera Valadez, also known as "Juan Gabriel." This series follows the footsteps of "Juan Gabriel" toward his dream of fame. Atour of 14 episodes based on unpublished testimonies revealed like never before. A story that tells us how Alberto Aguilera Valadez and his talent led him to defy fate and overcome poverty, betrayal, and prejudice.