Gina Yei
Episodes: 12
Duration: 60'
Seasons: 1
Format: 4K
Sound: 5.1 / Stereo
Available in: HD: 1920x1080
Recorded in: Puerto Rico
Written by: Vladimir Pérez/ Nailys Sánchez, Edgar Cuevas/ Miguel A Medina

Casting: GINA -”Didi" Romero, MANU - Gabriel Tarantini, RUBY RUBI -Ana G. Wolfermann, JAYDEN - Felipe Albors Riera, LUCIA - Angely Serrano, AMY - Mia Blakeman, MIKY - Gabriela Santaliz, CAMI - Krystal Xaimary, VERO - Adriana Fontánez, DJ NOAH - Gustavo Rosa, EL ANGEL - Gerald Manso Gavillán, FABIAN - Abdiel Morales, ADRIAN - Brian Dean Rittenhouse, LUIS DIEGO - Jacnier Ríos, ISA - Juliana Rivera, HANSEL - Osvaldo Friger, JAIRO - José Cancel Bibiloni, AURORA - Ashley Rivers, MR. ONE - José Brocco, ROCIO - Alfonsina Molinari, LAURA - Wanda Sais, SALVADOR - Eli Cay, CASSANDRA - Krystle Ogando, VALENTINA - Isel Rodríguez, MISTERY D - Lumarie Landrau

Yei!!! This is alwaysGina's expression when she faces any positive situation or simply when she is happy, and right now she is! Thanks to her talent for lyrics, she has won a scholarship at the prestigious Caribbean Musical Institute located on the island of Puerto Encantado, considered the best place in the world to study Latin music and also the cradle of reggaeton. Her greatest dream is to compose songs for great artists and for everyone to know her ideas and feelings. Upon arriving at the Institute, things will be immensely more complex than she expected.